About us

Through his interactions with his patients at his company Progressive Medical Research, Dr. Alexander White knew that he wanted to do something to give those in need some hope. Based on that desire to truly help people, Dr. White was led to create the Giving a Reason for Hope foundation (known as GARFH). Seeing firsthand the struggles and hardships faced by many families, Dr. White saw a real opportunity to make a difference. Soon after, some close friends, inspired by the actions of Dr. White, volunteer their time to fulfill a shared wish. So, with a shared compassion and action in our hearts, our goal is simple: to provide essential support and offer financial resources to Charities serving our community. We will work tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for the foundation. Charity events, networking with local businesses to garner support and asking everyday people, like you, to help us fulfill our mission have grounded us financially and we look forward to growing and helping more of those in need. The foundation is in its infancy, and we are looking forward to becoming a leader in philanthropy in the central Florida area. It is our sincerest hope that you to feel inspired to join us on our journey.